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Assisted Living Locators Consultants Launch Franchise Effort

Assisted Living Locators is looking to expand its placement and referral services nationwide through a franchise program.

The business was started in 2003 as CallRN and currently employs 11 people in Scottsdale. Co-founder and owner Angela Olea said the decision to franchise has resulted in the creation of two divisions.

Assisted Living Locators will handle placement and referral business. CallRN will continue to provide case management and nursing plan care to assisted living clients in Arizona, with no plans to franchise. Assisted Living Locators offers free advice for seniors and their families on long-term care and senior housing through a network of pre-screened assisted-living facilities and a DVD care home tour library.

Revenue is generated from the fees paid by the group homes and assisted-living facilities per placement.

Franchise startup costs range from $49,565 to $77,515 with a monthly royalty fee of 8 percent.

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